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Basketball Betting Explained

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Basketball betting is extremely popular in Australia. While most Aussie punters prefer to place wagers on games in the United States’ National Basketball Association (NBA) league, there are other options in the form of famed Australian and European leagues. The sport has garnered a large following down under as popular tournaments, such as the NBA, take place in between the AFL and NRL seasons. This means that there is time to spare for these sports.

On this page, we aim to provide Australians with the ultimate basketball betting guide. Here, punters will find the best basketball betting tips, sites and strategies, along with other helpful sports betting information. So, read on and learn all you need to know about basketball betting.

Best Basketball Betting Sites Australia

These are the best basketball betting websites currently available to Australian punters. Bettors are sure to find all the betting options they are most interested on offer at any one of these sites:

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Basketball Betting Guide Contents

What is Basketball Betting?

Basketball betting refers to the action of placing a wager on a professional or semi-professional basketball matchup. With the sport being rather popular in Australia, it makes sense that many Aussie punters would seek to place a wager on matches in popular leagues, such as the NBA or the EuroLeague.

At the best Australian sportsbooks, punters can place bets on basketball games in leagues across the world. They are also not limited to making simple match winner outright bets, but rather have a selection of different bets they can pursue if they like. We go into more detail on how to bet on basketball games down below.

How to Bet on Basketball – Basketball Betting Lines Explained

These are the most common basketball betting lines available at popular sportsbooks in Australia. They’re available when betting on all the biggest leagues in the world, including the NBA, NBL and EuroBasket, among others.

  • Head to Head Betting – these are bets made on the overall winner of a singular match. For example, picking the winner in a game between the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Line/Spread Betting – these bets place a handicap on a favoured team to make things a little more interesting for the bettor. In these situations, a basketball betting line could read: Sydney Kings (-10) vs Perth Wildcats. This means that the Kings are expected to win a match up by more than ten points. If punters select the Kings to win, they will need to win by 10 or more points for the bet to payout. A bet on the Wildcats will payout if the team loses by less than ten points. This is largely basketball handicap betting explained.
  • Futures – these are outright bets made by selecting who is going to win a tournament. For example, betting on the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Championship long before the playoff season even begins.
  • Totals – these wagers concern the overall score of a match up. For example, punters can bet on whether a match between Melbourne United and the Brisbane Bullets will exceed 120 points. These bets are also known as over under wagers.
  • Props – these are bets made on specific events taking place in a matchup. For example, in a Sydney Kings game, this could mean betting on Andrew Bogut to score first or to get the most rebounds in the matchup.
Australian Basketball Betting

Top Basketball Tournaments to Bet On

If you’re looking for some top basketball tournaments to bet on, the competitions below will have you sorted:

  • NBA – the NBA is the United States’ premier basketball tournament and is widely considered to be the most popular league in the sport. The league sees the best athletes in the sport go up against each other in some of the game’s most exciting matches ever seen. There are a wide range of betting options available to punters set on betting on the NBA. Perhaps, an outright bet on the NBA Championship may prove to be life-changing for you?
  • NBL – the primary basketball league in Australia and New Zealand, the National Basketball League (NBL) sees the top teams down south go head to head with one another. While the league is still growing to include more teams, it still draws many spectators and even more wagers.
  • EuroLeague – the EuroLeague is the biggest club basketball competition in Europe. Similar in style to the UEFA Champion’s League, it sees Europe’s champion club teams go up against each other to determine which is the best on the continent. (Ironically, Real Madrid is also the most successful team in this competition.)
  • NCAA Basketball – university basketball games in the United States are also quite popular betting options with fans of the sport. These matchups often showcase rising stars in the sport and let avid basketball bettors get ahead with which players may go on to grow into game changing athletes in future. The results of these games also tend to be somewhat easier to predict than NBA or NBL match ups.

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Strategies and Tips for Basketball Betting

With our top basketball betting tips and strategies, Australian punters will soon be seeing heavy profits from their bets. Always keep the following basketball betting advice in mind when placing a cheeky wager:

  • Shop Around for Odds – not all sportsbooks offer the same basketball betting odds on the same matches. In order to make the most profit possible from a single wager, it is important to shop around for the best odds before placing it.
  • Home Court Advantage – sportsbooks will usually peg home teams to do better in home games, but this is doubly true for basketball games (particularly, in the NBA.) We urge you to take this fact into consideration when making a wager on the sport.
  • Team Research – before placing a wager, research the teams involved in the match you would like to place a wager on. If one team has been plagued by injuries or is on a severe losing streak, you might not want to risk placing a wager on them. Alternatively, the opposing side could have a very bad losing streak against the team and that may sway your opinion. It really doesn’t matter what the situation is, to make the best bets, punters must do their research.
  • Watch Games – if you want to bet on basketball, you will at the very least need to make sure that you bet on a league you like to watch. This is the best way to keep tabs of what is going on in a sport.

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