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NFL Betting Australia

how to bet on the NFL

National Football League betting (or NFL betting) refers to all wagers made on the world’s premier American football tournament. Over the years, the sport has gained real traction, with hundreds of millions of viewers tuning in to watch the Super Bowl each year. There are many avid Australian fans included in that, some of which enjoy placing the odd cheeky wager on such sports from time to time.

If you’re interested in betting on the sporting code (which is quite lucrative), we have created the ultimate NFL betting guide to help you out. Here prospective punters will learn all about how to be on the NFL, including how to read odds and top tips to keep in mind when placing wagers at sports betting sites.

Best NFL Betting Sites 2019

If you’re Australian and want to bet on the NFL, you have got to be using one of these sites listed down below. Punters are assured the best NFL betting odds when using one of these sites.

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NFL Betting Guide Contents

How Does NFL Betting Work?

If you’re unsure of which NFL betting lines you’ll encounter while visiting the best Australian online sportsbooks that offer American football betting, we have got a summary of all the most popular down below.

  • Moneyline – when most people think of sports betting, they generally tend to think of moneyline bets. These are the simplest bets that can be made on a game – ultimately it is just making a prediction about who will win a particular game.
  • NFL Spread Betting – these bets are popular in the NFL. Some punters know them as handicaps. Sportsbooks will select a favourite to win a game, and then set a line by which to win the match. If they are able to overcome the handicap, any bets made on the favoured team will be successful. If not, punters will lose their money.
  • Futures – ever wanted to place a bet on the Super Bowl – the most bet on event in American sports? Then, you may want to take a look at placing a future bet. These are bets made on who is going to win the Championship or MVP title long before the event actually takes place.
  • Totals – sportsbooks also call these over/under bets. Basically, punters attempt to guess whether the total score of the game (both teams combined) will exceed or come in below a specific number. If they place an over bet, and it goes over, they win. However, if it comes in under the score suggested by the sportsbook, they lose the bet.
  • Parlays – these are also known as combo bets. Ultimately, punters rope in a number of different bets into a single card. The result is higher odds and a bigger payout but also a bigger chance of losing it all. We recommend that punters only make such bets if they are truly informed about the game.

NFL Odds Explained

NFL betting odds may seem rather confusing to the inexperienced sports bettor. However, they are pretty easy to understand. Firstly, although there are three different odds formats used around the world, Australian sportsbooks tend to prefer making use of the decimal odds system.

This means that when Aussies visit a sportsbook online the odds on a particular team will be represented in the following manner:

Philadelphia Eagles (1.87) vs New York Giants (2.09)

Now, to calculate how much you could win from a particular wager, all you need to do is multiply your stake by the odds at hand. For example, an AU$100 on the Eagles will pay punters out AU$187. This amount includes both the stake and winnings. We can clearly see that the Eagles are the favourite in this instance.

It is very important for Aussies to keep in mind the fact that different sportsbooks often offer different odds for the same matchup. You don’t want to keep yourself from making more money by choosing the wrong site to bet at and finding out later that you could have made more money at another sportsbook.

Australian NFL Betting

Top NFL Betting Tips

There are a number of general NFL tips punters need to keep in mind when placing a wager on a matchup. While we’ll provide more game specific tips in our blog, all punters betting on the sport need to keep the following in mind:

  • Pay Attention to Yardage Differentials – while this may seem like some complicated math sum, it is actually quite a simple concept to understand. Ultimately, punters just need to pay attention to average number of yards they gain per play and the average number of yards they lose per play. Teams that are able to gain more yards per play with their offensive line-ups tend to win more games.
  • Popular NFL Betting Numbers – so, it has been suggested that around 30% of all NFL games are decided by a scoreline margin of between three and seven points. We recommend that if you enjoy spread betting that you look for good betting lines around this particular margin, after taking into account the strength of both teams and whether they are currently plagued by injuries.
  • Home Advantage – home ground advantage is a concept in every single sport. Basically, teams who have to travel across the country in order to play their opposition tend to be at a disadvantage when fielding their team. This could bet the effects of travel or fan support driving the home team. Whatever it is, stats have proven that it pays to bet on home teams, especially if you are planning on making a handicap bet.