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American Football Betting

How Online American Football Works

American football betting refers to wagers made on the United States’ National Football League (NFL) or Canada’s Canadian Football League (CFL). Although the sport is not as popular in Australia as in other parts of the world, it can still prove to be a pretty lucrative betting option at sportsbooks. After all, it has been noted that billions are spent wagering based on the Super Bowl betting odds each year.

It isn’t a surprise that many Aussie bettors are looking to get in on this action and use online American football betting tips today. With our football betting guide, bettors will soon be placing amazing real money bets on the NFL or CFL at top sports betting sites! Punters can look forward to learning how to bet on American football and where to do so right here on

Best American Football Betting Sites

Find all the best American football betting lines at any one of the sportsbooks listed down below. With so many wonderful wagering options, punters will be able to place any bet they could ever dream of online:
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How to Bet on American Football

Most sportsbooks allow punters to place a wide range of different American football bets games. Some of the most popular and commonly available include the following:

  • Money Line Betting – also referred to as 1×2 when draws are involved, this bet involves selecting a winner for a particular matchup. It is the easiest bet to make and is practically available in all sports.
  • American Football Spread Betting Explained – just as with handicaps in other sports, these bets try to make the simple money line more interesting by giving favoured teams a handicap. Essentially, depending on the stipulations suggested in the bet, a favoured team will need to beat their opponent by a certain amount for the bet to be successful.
  • Totals– these are also known as over/under bets, basically punters try to predict the overall score of the game by suggesting that it will go over or under a particular figure. It is important to understand that the two teams’ score is combined to create this figure.
  • Prop Bets – with the most popular betting sports, there are several different prop bets available to make at sportsbooks. This is also true of American football. At the best sites, punters can bet on the first to score and more before or while they are watching the game.
  • Futures– do you think you know who will win the next Super Bowl title? Then, why don’t you place a good, old bet on it? These are basically what futures are – bets that predict which team will win the ultimate award in a sport long before it takes place.

To learn more about  bet types, American football explained further in  our NFL and CFL pages.

Australian American Football Betting

 American Football Betting Odds

Odds on American football matches are calculated by having a look at some different factors that impact the overall outcome of the game. This could be anything from the form of the two teams playing, where the match takes place, the state of the injured reserve roster to the weather conditions teams may face while playing.

Understanding how to read odds is extremely important. Ultimately, this is how a punter determines how much they may potentially win from a particular wager. Luckily, this is very easy to do. Although Americans may have their way of displaying odds, most Australian sportsbooks will stick to using the more commonly accepted decimal system.

At such sites, NFL betting odds displayed in the decimal format on an American football match will look like the following:

Denver Broncos (2.07) vs Seattle Seahawks (1.69)

Now, calculating how much you may potentially win on a wager using this system is extremely easy. All punters need to do is multiply their stake by the odds located next to the team they would like to bet on. For example, an AU$100 stake on the Broncos would pay a punter out AU$207. This includes both the winnings and the initial stake.

Make sure to shop around for odds or use American football oddschecker. Only by doing so will players guarantee that they are getting the best possible deal on the match they would like to bet on.

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American Football Betting Tips

There are loads of tipsters out there that claim they have the know-how to make the best bets with an American football betting app. While we won’t claim to be such experts, there are a few tips that we recommend every Aussie punter follow:

  • Be Selective with Your Bets– only ever place bets on games that have a real chance of making you money. While we know that every bettor places a wager with the idea that they are going to win it, some bets just aren’t worth it. These could be wagers where the favourite to win is so apparent that betting on the team yields almost no gains, or make a massive bet on a team that has got no chance of beating the favourite.
  • Bet on Markets You Understand– as previously mentioned, many football betting markets should already seem somewhat familiar to regular sports bettors. Ultimately, they are available in most sports, so they should be easy to understand. If you are new to betting on football, we do recommend that you stick to bets you know until you start learning more about the game and the best you can place on it.
  • Bet on Teams You Know– there are over thirty teams in the NFL and thus it is impossible to follow the development of all of them. Due to this, we recommend picking a handful and following their performance, news and American football betting predictions throughout the season. This way you will be able to place more successful bets more regularly.
  • Manage Your Money– a quintessential part of gambling online in any shape or form is ensuring that you understand how to manage your money well. If you have sound money management, you should be able to place more bets on a limited bankroll.

FAQs about Football Betting

When was American football started?

American football was established in 1920 on August 20, Canton, Ohio in the US. The first football college match took place in November 1869.

What are good American football tips?

  • Know the type of bet you want to place at credible sport betting sites.
  • Have some background knowledge about the teams and start betting on the teams you know very well.
  • Bankroll management is important because you don’t want to spend over your budget.

How can I bet on NFL games?

The simplest way to bet on the NFL is to sign up with a sportsbook and when the season starts to compare odds and place your bets.

How can I bet on Super Bowl matches?

The Super Bowl requires you to decide on which team you support, shop around for betting lines, and make bets at recommended bookmakers.

Is there a way to win American football bets every time?

You can’t win every time but you can improve your chances of winning and use football betting tips covered by professionals.

Where can I place bets on American football?

We have listed top-rated sportsbooks that cover betting odds which are in line with football matches.

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