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AFL Minor Premiership Australia

AFL Minor Premiership Sportsbooks The AFL minor premiership is the title given to a team that finishes number one in the league standings. Australians who can watch the teams battle it out in order to win the McClelland Trophy.  The cup is granted to the minor premier. When players finish on top of the ladder they are presented with befits during the AFL final series. Here is your chance to bet on any of the AFL minor premiership teams. We have provided the best betting site for the games. Already know what team you are rooting for?

Then, let’s help you sum up the odds to find out what your payout will be. The thrill of betting on one of the biggest teams is like no other. It requires you to experience the feeling for yourself. If you are already a fan of the league then you know what we are talking about. Bet on the AFL minor premiership at sports betting websites to get a taste of what we mean!

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AFL Minor Premiership Odds

Sports betting is popular in Australia and punters can find the odds at whichever top betting site. We have recommended sites above that you can check out. With that at the back of your mind, let us help you calculate the odds. This is very useful because you will understand how much your payout will be when you bet on a certain website. The odds are likely to be different with each sportsbook. It’s really easy to do the calculations though, we show you how.

Remember that Australia uses the decimal system. Which team do you think will make it to the grand final? Making a future bet would be ideal in this case.

Follow this example if you want to sum up your odds:

  • West Coast 3.75
  • Geelong 50

In the above example, let’s say you make AUD$120 bet on West Coast your payout will be AUD$563. All we did to get the payout was take your stake and multiplied it with the odds next to the team.  We are sure you can do the calculation for Geelong. After that select which betting site you want to use and make bets.

Bet on the AFL Minor Premiership

Best AFL Minor Premiership Strategy

Make sure that you keep these AFL betting tips handy if you are planning on placing bets.

  • Find The Best Odds – It’s in your best interest to go for betting sites that have the best odds. This way you are able to get the best from your bet. We recommend that you start doing so if you aren’t already.
  • Look Around For Futures – the moment you think about making a future bet on a specific team, shop around for odds. It’s best to do this as early as possible.
  • Home Ground Advantage – have a look at the schedule to see how often the team you are planning on betting on is traveling. Take note of the team’s performance and whether or not they will be playing home. Sportsbooks regularly give the teams playing at home the advantage.