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Melbourne FC Betting

Melbourne Betting Odds Australia With a record of 12 AFL premierships, Melbourne FC betting is for Aussies who believe the team will make a turnaround. The Demons are one of the oldest football clubs in the Australian Football league. We are sure that the team has been disappointed with their performance thus far. After the 2018 season, the club pushed into the finals and then surprised us with a good performance. The club fell from fourth place to second last which most commentators thought to be an improved list. The club traded in players like Steven May and Kade Kolodjashnij to better the team.

This didn’t play out as expected. The Demos have fire in their spirit and are working on becoming a better team. Melbourne FC betting should motivate punters to stand behind the club. That’s why we have hooked you up with the top-rated Melbourne FC betting websites which are listed below. Wagers on the club promise to be entertaining as we witness them build.

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Melbourne FC History

Over the years the Demons have managed to win 12 premierships from their first one 1900 and the clubs last in 1946. The club started 2017 by winning eight matches, with several injuries experienced by players like Jesse Hogan. It was discovered that he had testicular cancer. Max Gawn didn’t play half the season because of a hamstring. Nathan Jones and Jack Viney couldn’t play the remaining matches of the season. The list goes on but moving to the 2018 season, the Demons showed some improvement.

The team wasn’t really in form and managed to secure two victories and lost three matches.  After a win over Essendon, the club won five matches thereafter to take 5th position. The club entered the finals for the first time in 12 years. Melbourne FC’s starting of the finals was good. The club won against Geelong and Hawthorn afterward. The team went into the final for the first time since 2000. The Demons couldn’t follow through to secure the big win and lost to West Eagles who were leading with 66 points.

Melbourne Betting Sportsbooks

The Demons Overview

Melbourne Football Club hasn’t tasted victory in the AFL premiership for the longest time. However, the team is cleaning up their act and hopefully, they can come back. So, punters who believe that in fighting for the team are welcome to make wagers. There is still time for the Demons to get their act together for the upcoming season. Melbourne FC betting won’t be in vain if you check out what odds sportsbooks are giving the team.  As per usual have a look at the team’s form and take note of the matches they played.

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