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Collingwood Betting

Collingwood Betting Websites The Magpies as some fans call them were created in 1892. The team has participated in forty-four AFL Grand Finals. They have won 15 finals and lost 27. So, Collingwood betting is something to think about.  Collingwood has a large number of supports and is a popular club that anyone can bet on. In the nation, the squad is known to attract huge attention from TV ratings to winning the hearts of fans.

Let us all sing the oldest song in the AFL history Good Old Collingwood Forever in support of the team. What could count even more is Collingwood betting at credible sports betting websites. Will they beat their old-time rivals, Richmond and Carlton? Well, you’ll have to follow the league to find out. Right now, take a look at the team’s history and odds.

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The 2012 season was somewhat bittersweet for the team under the leadership of Nathan Buckley. He became head coach during that year, also recognized as a great talent. Under his wing, the team made it to the top 4 in the league season. Once again the squad qualified for the finals in 2013 but lost within the first week. The four years to follow the club struggled to win but tried to hold the team together in drafting young players. From 2014-2017 the club never made it to the finals.

Not all hope was lost in 2018 when the team managed to move from the 13th place to the 3rd in the preliminary final. In 2019, Magpies were in the fourth position on the ladder which showed their continued improvement. The club was not able to make it to the Grand Final.

Collingwood Betting

Collingwood Betting Odds

If you still believe that the team can make a back the place a wager. We won’t deny that the club is one of the best teams in the AFL but it’s always wise to watch previous matches. These games will give you an indication of team performance. Afterward, pay attention to how the Collingwood betting odds shift. Usually, the betting lines are not the same and bettors have to select the best odds.

It’s a good idea to go with the recommended sportsbooks we’ve suggested. Then check out other sites. We cover lines in our news section to make the job easy for you. The latest AFL new and Collingwood predictions will be available on the web. So, use these sources to get a better insight into the team before wagering.

Collingwood Team

Here are some members of the popular team; you can have a look at the rest of the players on their website:

  • Jaidyn Stephenson –Forward
  • Jordan De Goey – Forward
  • Isaac Quaynor –Defender
  • Brodie Grundy –Ruck
  • Jamie Elliot –Forward
  • Tyler Brown – Midfielder
  • Adam Treloar – Midfielder
  • Tom Langdon –Defender
  • John Noble – Defender
  • Taylor Adams – Midfielder

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